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sheer_anonymous's Journal

15 August
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I used to have a Live Journal before I started this one and I shared a lot about myself. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of social drama for me. I thought the best thing to do was to create another journal and keep my identity a secret.
acid, alberto korda, alien portals, aliens, allen ginsberg, ancient cultures, ancient myths, ancient near east, ancient rome, arcane lore, arthurian legend, arthurian lore, asian art, astronomy, atlantis, autumn, black beauty, bob dylan, bob marley, boudica, boy meets world, brad pitt, brighid, cats, celtic art, celtic britain, celtic harp, celtic history, celtic lore, celtic music, celtic mythology, celtic spirituality, celts, cernunnos, che guevera, comic books, cool wind, cuba, cult of the dead, dandelions, dave king, dead can dance, diego rivera, drawing, dreams, earth, edmund blair leighton, edvard munch, england, english countryside, epona, fairies, fairy tales, fidel castro, flogging molly, forests, frankenstein, frida kahlo, frou frou, galaxies, georgia o'keefe, gilgamesh, grass, green man, groundswell, herbalism, hieronymus bosch, historical fiction, horseback riding, horses, hunt of the unicorn, hyrule, illustrating, imogen heap, ireland, italy, jack in the green, jethro tull, johannes vermeer, john waterhouse, john william waterhouse, keira knightley, kill bill, king arthur, kristen kreuk, lady in the water, lady of the lake, loreena mckennitt, maeve, magic, marxism, medb, meditation, megaliths, mongolia, nature, neutral milk hotel, occult, ogham, on the road, oscar wilde, overcast skies, paganism, painting, pirates, planets, portals, radiohead, renaissance, revolution, rhiannon, rob zombie, rome, roses, scorpions, smallville, socialism, south park, standing stones, stonehedge, system of a down, tattoos, tea, tennyson, tetris, the beatles, the celts, the last unicorn, tigers, tim burton, tin whistle, to sir with love, tokyo tea, totems, transcendentalism, tree huggers, trotskyism, two headed boys, unicorns, warrior queens, warriors, water nymphs, wicca, william s burroughs, xena: warrior princess, yoga, yoshi, zelda, zeti reticula